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Your Go-to Landscaping Company

Keller Lawn & Landscape: Your Trusted Landscaping Company in Brookfield, CT

Step right into a world of extraordinary outdoor transformations at Keller Lawn & Landscape - Brookfield, CT's premier landscaper. Our top-rated landscaping company takes immense pride in transforming average yards into spellbinding outdoor sanctuaries. Are you searching for a landscaping contractor as passionate about your outdoor space as you are? Or are you hunting for the best 'landscaping near me' or 'lawn maintenance near me'? Look no further.


Our team of landscaping experts is just a call away, ready to breathe life into your dream garden or outdoor space. Picture lush greenery, striking hardscapes, and perfect spots to soak up the sun or enjoy a cool, tranquil evening. That's the beauty of what we do - creating spaces that aren't just aesthetically pleasing but also harmonize with your lifestyle and preferences.


So why wait? Let's embark on this exciting journey of transforming your outdoors. The leading landscaping company in Brookfield, CT, Keller Lawn, and Landscape, is at your service, promising to exceed your expectations and deliver results that will take your breath away. Contact us today and start your journey toward your perfect outdoor oasis.

Benefits of Professional Landscaping Services in Brookfield, CT

Turning your property into an outdoor oasis demands more than just aesthetic touch-ups. This is where professional landscaping services step in. Below are the top benefits you can expect from professional landscaping services in Brookfield, CT.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Our expert Brookfield, CT, landscapers can take your yard from bland to breathtaking. At Keller Lawn & Landscape, our skilled landscaping team meticulously creates stunning landscapes that boost your property's curb appeal. With us as your "landscaping company near me," your home will leave an unforgettable impression on everyone passing by.

Elevate Your Property's Worth

Investing in our professional landscaping services can significantly enhance your property's value. Our landscapers masterfully design and maintain landscapes to boost curb appeal and appeal to prospective buyers. When searching for "landscaping near me" or "lawn maintenance near me," think Keller Lawn & Landscape for strategic property enhancements.

Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Imagine a backyard retreat that marries comfort, practicality, and natural splendor. Our landscaping contractor in Brookfield, CT, can fashion inviting patios, elegant decks, and trendy fences, extending your living area outdoors. These improvements increase your property's value and provide a perfect ambiance for relaxation and memorable family gatherings.

Promote Environmental Sustainability

As a responsible landscaping company, we prioritize environmental sustainability. Our team in Brookfield, CT, can design and implement eco-friendly practices, including water-efficient irrigation systems, native plant selection, and appropriate stormwater management. By choosing our services, you contribute to a healthier ecosystem and conserve valuable resources.

Benefits of Professional Landscaping Services in Brookfield, CT

Your Go-to Landscaping Company: What We Bring to the Table

Looking for the best "landscaping near Brookfield, CT"? Keller Lawn and Landscape has got you covered. We deliver top-notch services that enhance the look of your outdoor space and make it more functional. Our team knows that every yard or garden is one-of-a-kind, and we're committed to offering personalized solutions that suit your unique needs and preferences.

Mulch Installation

We don't just handle your basic landscaping needs. At Keller Lawn and Landscape, we specialize in mulch installation services that go beyond making your yard look good. Our experienced landscapers carefully choose the best type and amount of mulch for your specific landscape design, plants, and soil conditions. Our mulch installation services in Brookfield, CT, come with many benefits, including promoting plant health, controlling weeds, helping the soil retain moisture, and regulating soil temperature. By blending mulch and rocks into your landscape, we create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space that you'll love.

Rock Installation

Apart from mulch, we also install rocks for landscape beds, gravel driveways, and parking areas. Strategically placed rocks can make your flower beds and garden spaces look even better, provide a sturdy and easy-to-maintain solution for your driveway, and enhance the look and usability of your parking areas.

Planting & Sod/Seeding Services

We're about more than just design and maintenance at Keller Lawn and Landscape. We offer specialized planting services to bring a fresh touch to your outdoor space. With a wide variety of perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees, we can make your landscape in Brookfield, CT, bursting with life and color.


  • Customized Plant Selection: We work closely with you to choose the perfect plants for your yard, considering the soil conditions, sunlight, and your maintenance preferences. This tailored approach guarantees a landscape filled with thriving plants that fit right into your overall design.


  • Instant Green Lawn: Want a lush, green lawn right away? Our sod installation services are just the ticket. We lay down fresh, healthy sod that instantly transforms your property, boosting its beauty and appeal. Say goodbye to waiting for the grass to grow and hello to a stunning lawn immediately.


  • Lawn Restoration and Rejuvenation: If your lawn needs a little TLC, our reseeding services are here to help. We select high-quality seeds and use proven techniques to encourage healthy growth and breathe new life into your lawn. Trust us to bring back the lushness and vibrancy of your grass.

Drainage Services 

Adequate drainage is a crucial part of any landscaping design. Handled by an experienced landscaper or a skilled landscaping contractor, it helps keep your property looking good and lasting longer. During heavy rains or when the snow melts, having a good drainage system is essential to avoid water damage and soil erosion.


Our team of landscaping professionals offers expert drainage services, creating personalized solutions to protect your landscape from potential water damage. When searching for "landscaping near Brookfield, CT," consider our team for top-notch drainage services.

Comprehensive Property Maintenance Services

Our devoted team of specialists is unwavering in their commitment to maintaining your landscape in top-notch condition, ensuring it stays beautiful and well-tended all year round. Rely on us to deliver outstanding lawn maintenance near Brookfield, CT that turn your outdoor area into an eye-catching sanctuary.

Lawn Maintenance Services

A lush and meticulously cared-for lawn is the foundation of a stunning landscape. Our team of seasoned landscapers excels in providing detailed and customized lawn care services that take the stress of upkeep off your plate. Using advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment, we guarantee the health and vitality of your lawn, creating a welcoming outdoor spot for relaxation and entertainment. As a trusted landscaping contractor in Brookfield, CT, we place your satisfaction above all else and continually strive to surpass your expectations.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Seasonal transitions often bring along debris and leaves that can overshadow the charm of your property. Part of our lawn maintenance near you is our seasonal cleanup services devised to swiftly and efficiently tackle this issue. Armed with the necessary tools and know-how, our property maintenance teams in Brookfield, CT, deliver speedy and cost-effective cleanup solutions, assuring your property stays spotless and inviting throughout the year.

Pressure Washing

The cleanliness of your property, both inside and out, significantly contributes to its aesthetic appeal and durability. Our expert pressure-washing services offer an all-encompassing solution to battle stubborn dirt, algae, and other stains that can tarnish your property's appearance. Using potent equipment, we effectively clean hard surfaces like driveways, patios, and building exteriors. When dealing with more delicate surfaces like roofs, we use gentle soft washing methods that clean without causing any harm.

Our Outdoor Living Services


Experience the excellence of Keller Lawn and Landscape, your top-tier patio builders in Brookfield, CT. Our dedicated team crafts stunning outdoor living spaces that provide an ideal setting for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment. With an eye for detail and a commitment to using high-quality materials, we work to bring your dream patio to life. Whether it's a delightful walkway or an expansive patio, we always aim to deliver results that surpass your expectations.

Decks Installation & Refinishing

Revamp your outdoor space with our deck refinishing services. Keller Lawn and Landscape is known for breathing new life into worn-out decks, using a variety of stain colors and top-grade materials to restore them to their original beauty. If you're in the market for a brand-new deck, our skilled contractors manage every phase of the process to ensure remarkable results. Upgrade your outdoor living experience with our expert craftsmanship.


Keller Lawn and Landscape provides tailored fencing solutions that guarantee the privacy and elevate your property's visual appeal. Regardless of your preference—be it vinyl, metal, or wood fencing—our team commits to delivering top-notch workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Contact us today for an estimate and book a spot in our schedule. We're ready to craft a functional, fashionable fence for your outdoor space.

Why Choose Our Landscaping Company in Brookfield, CT

Choosing Keller Lawn and Landscape as your service provider of landscaping near you comes with many benefits:

Expertise in Landscapers and Landscaping Contractors

As a leading landscaping company in Brookfield, CT, we take great pride in our accomplished team of professional landscapers and contractors. Their years of experience enable us to deliver top-notch landscaping services tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking for "local landscaping services near Brookfield, CT," or a reliable landscaper, we have the know-how to bring your outdoor dreams to life.

Affordable Rates and No-Obligation Estimates

Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of quality landscaping services. That's why we ensure our prices are competitive without sacrificing the quality of our work. As a trustworthy landscaping service provider, we offer free estimates for all our services, promoting transparency and enabling you to make informed decisions about your landscaping project.

Commitment to Your Satisfaction

At Keller Lawn and Landscape, your happiness is our primary goal. Regardless of whether you need regular lawn maintenance or mulch installation, we always strive to go above and beyond your expectations. Our dedicated team of skilled landscapers in Brookfield, CT, is committed to producing outstanding results, aiming to delight you with your transformed outdoor space.

Family-Owned and Operated Business

As a family-owned landscaping company in Brookfield, CT, we genuinely value our relationships with our clients. When you choose us as your landscaper, you're not just a customer—you're part of the Keller Lawn and Landscape family. We treat every project with the utmost care and professionalism, offering a personal touch. With us, you gain a committed partner in transforming your outdoor space into somewhere you truly love.

Your Trusted Landscaping Company in Brookfield, CT

Start Your Outdoor Transformation with Keller Lawn & Landscape Today

Why wait any longer to turn your outdoor living space into a breathtaking oasis? Begin your journey now with Keller Lawn & Landscape, the trusted landscaping company and lawn maintenance near you in Brookfield, CT. Our skilled team is ready to bring your outdoor dreams to fruition.


Don't delay—contact us today to schedule a consultation and receive a complimentary estimate. Let's take the initial step together toward creating an outdoor area that will bring you happiness and satisfaction for years to come!

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